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Helping and supporting writers to hone their craft, develop their stories, and acheive their dreams is something I feel lucky to do. I believe a writer should never stop learning, which is why I still attend industry conventions, workshops and talks. Based on my experience as a writer, manuscript assessor and editor, I develop workshops based on my own strengths and knowledge basis, and also upon request to suit the needs of a festival, writers’ club or school.

Kris Sheather at ALEA workshop
Meanjin ALEA Writers’ Camp USQ 2017

WORKSHOP – Creating believable characters
Ever wanted to write a short story or novel with believable characters? This workshop will take your characters beyond the flat page and make them memorable.  Join Kris Sheather in a workshop to build character profiles that will connect with your reader and draw them into your story. Kris will look at traits consistency, motivations, internal and external conflicts and examples of popular characters and why they’re successful.


Hand write on notebook, on bright background
Lean the step-by-step process to apply your illustration skills to the picture book genre

WORKSHOP – Illustrating for Picture Books
Would you like to submit a portfolio to book publishers? Illustrating for picture books is a dynamic and enjoyable partnership with an author or publisher. In this workshop you will learn to storyboard, develop roughs, understand what publishers look for in an illustrator, and discover what makes illustrations successful in the picture book genre.


Storytime, theme discussion and author Q&A at St Joseph’s Primary School

PRESENTATION – Storytime & Theme Discussions
Authors can inspire and encourage children to read and explore books. After reading The Green Goggles I then engage with the children about the themes of outside play, imagination and exploring. Reading Bedtime Bilby leads into discussion about the endangered bilby and the benefits of sleep. I can come to your daycare, kindy or school and bring activities for the children to work on or take home.