This picture book is awesome! As a teacher, it has so many teaching points. In the early years, it lends itself to the teaching of the letter “g”, rhyming words and many other text features. “The Green Goggles” inspires students to investigate the outdoors and to use their imaginations. In the middle years, higher levels of thinking and comprehension can be explored. I highly recommend this picture book as a favourite that will be read time and again at both home and school.

Kylie Meyer – USQ Lecturer (English and Literacies Education)

My niece loved this so much! She has read The Green Goggles 3 times today! Thanks so much for her personal autograph. She keeps saying she is going to keep her book forever.

Anita Cain – Facebook

What a beautiful book to encourage imagination & a sense of adventure in children! My nine month old daughter loves it, and often points to things like Fluff the cat who joins Pete on his adventure. A beautifully illustrated book that makes a lovely gift for anyone with children. I also bought this book for my three young nephews and they love it too! Looking forward to Bedtime Bilby!

Linda Baker – Facebook
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My 20 month old daughter picks Bedtime Bilby every night for her bedtime book. She loves saying night night to all the characters in the book and associates them going to sleep with her going to sleep. Great book, highly recommend for every child to have a copy.

Jayde Devlin – Facebook

The Green Googles is a gorgeous book to encourage kids to use their imagination and the illustrations are delightful. There’s important information at the back for parents living in this digital age. Bedtime Bilby is a calming, magical book with captivating illustrations which will send children to sleep with beautiful dreams. Valuable sleep time tips for parents at the back.

Jacqueline Read – Facebook

I LOVE this story. So full of imagination. Would inspire any child to look at the world with new goggle eyes.

Cheryse Durrant – Facebook

I just bought Bedtime Bilby and The Green Goggles for my kids, and read them to them last night. My son said The Green Goggles was a very cool story and my little girl loved seeing all the animals in Bedtime Bilby. So glad I bought these books. My kids and I will treasure them for many year to come.

Shelley Nolan – Facebook

This is a great book for encouraging children to use their imagination and enjoy the great outdoors even if it is only their small backyard. It also has some subtle attributes like showing Pete is polite. Kids love an adventure and using this book as inspiration they can find excitement in everyday objects. This hard cover book is excellent quality, and the attention to detail in the illustrations is shown in the way Pete’s cat, Fluff,not only accompanies him on his adventure but has a fun journey of his own. And I do believe there is a tiny, fun hint at “Dr Who” in one of the illustrations for those eagle-eyed enough to spot it. Parents and teachers are sure to appreciate the layers in the story, while kids will be enthralled and find something new with each reading.

Sandy Curtis – Facebook

My boys love “The Green Googles”……cannot wait for your next book!

Jodie Geaney – Facebook

I can guarantee I have read it (Bedtime Bilby) more then you. Seriously I know it just about off by heart. It’s a winner in this household.

Samara Volzke – Facebook

I have probably read your book to my son about 50+ times and he cannot get enough of it, it has become quite the routine now. I just wanted to say thank you so much for signing the book. I hope for it to stay in our family for a very long time and will be giving it to him when he is older so maybe one day he could read it to his own children 🙂

Shannon Hall – Facebook

I was at your reading last week and bought two of your books and the accompanying toys. My kids and I love your stories and the children loved the toys. All the best with your writing – my family are fans if your work.

Samantha Matthews – Facebook