Picture Books

It’s easy to feel passionate about picture books. The engaging harmony between text and illustrations can take not only children, but also adults, to amazing and wonderful worlds. Writing and illustrating my first picture book, The Green Goggles, was a dream come true. I hope to write many, many more stories for children.


BB Cover mock upBedtime Bilby

Baby doesn’t want to go to sleep. So his cuddly friend Bilby takes him on a magical journey through the night as the world falls asleep. Gnome puts his tools away, mother bear snuggles her cub, and mermaids drift into peaceful slumber in this bedtime adventure.

Bedtime Bilby is a story that can be read from birth to encourage a bedtime routine. Studies have shown that reading books with key words including ‘sleep’, ‘rest’, ‘tired’, ‘close eyes’, etc, act as triggers on a subliminal level to help children fall into a peaceful sleep

The book includes:

  • Bilby Education Page
  • Sleep Tips & Parent Information

​​$1 from every sale of Bedtime Bilby and the plush bilby toy are donated to
Save the Bilby Fund.

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32 pages, hardback, 21.5cm x 21.5cm, ISBN 9781925337105

The beautiful watercolour artworks are by artist and toy maker, Aurore McLeod. You can check out more of Aurore’s work on her website friendsintheleaves.com



The Green Goggles 

Who gives a kid socks for his birthday? Pete’s birthday isn’t looking too bright until he unwraps a present from his Grandpa – a pair of green goggles! When he puts them over his eyes his world transforms! Join Pete and his brave cat, Fluff, on an adventure into imagination.

The Green Goggles, aimed at 2-6 year olds, encourages outside play, exploration and imagination.

Let’s look at the benefits of being outdoors in nature:

– Outdoor play increases fitness, making healthy bodies
– Receiving the very important Vitamin D for disease prevention
– Studies show it reduces the symptoms of ADHD
– Increases academic performance and critical thinking
– Reduction of stress levels
– Free play stabilises emotional development
– Community awareness, social appreciation and environmental awareness.

The comprehensive teaching resources for The Green Goggles are available on the Teachers Pay Teachers website by Ripper Reading Resources.

32 pages, hardback, 21.5cm x 21.5cm, ISBN 9781925337082