Ambassador role for The Arts and Culture Strategy

As writers and artists we spend a lot of time alone working on our craft. To balance this lonesome occupation we have the opportunity to network with others in our field through conventions, festivals and our local community groups.

How I feel working alone at home (also a physical hazard if left unmonitored by the food police aka my children).


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Bilby update

I received a lovely phone call from Peggy Mucci of Save The Bilby Fund. We chatted about ways we can spread awareness of this super-cute endangered species, and she gave me an update on how the bilbies are bilby Continue reading “Bilby update”


Bedtime Bilby – the journey to publication

As I’ve read to my children since their birth, I really wanted to write my own bedtime story. I researched the principles of what makes an ideal bedtime story, and what struck me most was that I needed to include trigger words like ‘sleep’ and ‘tired’ and ‘close eyes’. So, not only are parents developing a bedtime routine with their child, but they

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Rhubarb Raspberry Crumble (gluten-free)

I’m on a mission to introduce my kids to fruits and veges they’ve not had before. Making a dessert certainly prepares their mindset to think ‘yum!’. So here is my version of a super easy Rhubarb Raspberry Crumble that is gluten-free and dairy-free.

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Support-A-Reader: invaluable training

I met Sherilyn Strube at a Sandy Curtis book launch at the Bundaberg Regional Library. We got talking and I learned that she is the Coordinator for the Support-A-Reader program run through Rotary East. She trains volunteers to become ‘Rotary Readers’ – people who give their time to help children improve their reading skills.

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A letter to Guatemala

It’s been ten years since we chose to sponsor a child through World Vision.

When selecting a sponsor child you could search on their age, gender and location. You could also see who had been on the waiting list the longest – this is how we chose our sponsor child, Dorcas from Guatemala. Continue reading “A letter to Guatemala”


Wowsers, I’m an Award Winner

My advice to any aspiring artist is to enter your work into festivals, displays and competitions. My desire to make a career from art has increased, and with confidence, after winning the Digital Art category at the Bundaberg Arts Festival.

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What to look for in a Professional Editor

Your BF might correct your spelling, or your mum might suggest your character go left instead of right, but finding a professional editor to help develop your manuscript is usually a good idea if your end goal is to gain publication. Not all editors are of the same calibre, and not all provide the same types of editing, so investing your time to find the right one is a good idea before investing your money.

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