I love that being an author inspires others to write. Whether it be children who have met me at a storytime session, or adults who’ve dreamed of writing but never got around to giving it a go. It’s a buzz to be able to support and encourage creativity. Life would be terribly dull without it.

I live in Bargara, a small coastal town in Australia, with my husband and children. I am always writing something – a picture book story, junior fiction, a short story or middle grade novel. I may be short on time to write but never on ideas.

The Basin at Kelly’s Beach is wonderful to take the kids to as it’s protected by natural rock walls.
Meredith and Cohen 2017 The hummock
The Hummock is a dormant volcano between Bargara and Bundaberg. The kids like to visit and climb the lookout rock and ask if the volcano is ever going to wake up.

A bit about me

I grew up next to a cemetary in Bundaberg, Australia. That’s a whole other story for another day. As a child I studied art at the Woodrow Art School and loved horseriding and tennis. I was never ambitious or confident so I spent twenty years in jobs that weren’t creative. I always painted and wrote but only as a hobby. When I bought my first house I wrote at night, with a dog at my feet, and finished three young adult novels. They were terrible. But I enjoyed writing every single word.

When I wrote The Green Goggles I knew I’d found my future – writing for children.

In 2016 I released The Green Goggles which I also illustrated. In 2017 Bedtime Bilby was published with illustrations by the uber talented Aurore McLeod.

Kris and Cohen at work (home)
At home with Cohen

Random Facts about Kris

I’ve been piranha fishing in Brazil
I rode a mountain bike down Death Road in Bolivia
I won the 2016 BAFA for the digital art category
I like sponge cake with jam and cream
I love swing seats