Bilby update

I received a lovely phone call from Peggy Mucci of Save The Bilby Fund. We chatted about ways we can spread awareness of this super-cute endangered species, and she gave me an update on how the bilbies are bilby

The most important fence in Australia


Naturally I’m biased because of my love for the bilby, but the Currawinya Bilby Fence is extremely important to the survival of this endangered species in the wild.

The 25sq km electrified fenced area at Currawinya National Park in Western Australia is part of the strategy to reintroduce bilbies to their natural habitat. It allows the bilby to live within in its natural environment whilst being protected from predators like ferral cats.

In 2018 works will be underway to upgrade the fence by replacing the bottom panel of the fence with stainless steel wire. This will make it impervious to flood events.

Easter is nearly here

bilby chocYou can support the bilby this Easter by buying Easter Bilbies – but only the ones with the green swing tags count. Sadly, Big W, Coles and Woolworths aren’t on board. Head over to to look for stockists, but here is a general list.

Target (150g Foiled Bilby)
Myer (Australian Bush Friends Bilby 60g, Foiled Bilby Milk 150g, Baby Bilby 20g c/Tub) David Jones (Australian Bush Friends Bilby 60g, Foiled Bilby Milk 150g)
Australia Post corporate stores (60g Gold Foiled Bilby / Bilby ten pack)

Baby bilbies need you

The Charleville facility is nearly finished being upgraded to care for the new baby bilbies and their families. But it means husbandry and transport costs will go up. This is a vital step towards releasing bilbies back into the wild (within the safety of the Currawinya Bilby Fence) to ensure the survival of this species.

What can you do to help?


So if you want to wash your chocolate down with some feel good vibes this Easter, support the bilby, support Australian wildlife.

(all photos belong to Save The Bilby Fund)

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