Like reading? Heard of Boomer Lit?

So you like romance, but you’re over the accessories that came with ‘Shades of Grey. You like drama, but not the kind where people lose their morals. You’re an adult, so you’re not into pubescent lust. Boomer Lit might be for you. mmm-promo-banner-v2

Sandy Curtis has released a Women’s Fiction novel titled Murder, Mayhem & Men On Pause so we thought we’d ask her about this rarely talked about genre.

1. What is Boomer Lit?

The Baby Boomers were born between 1946 and 1957, so Boomer Lit is usually written by baby boomers for baby boomers. It can be categorised with any genre in a contemporary setting dealing with current themes with mature characters.

2. Has it always been around or is it new?

There have always been some stories relating to generations no longer in their ‘first flush of youth’, but Baby Boomers are unusual in that they are more socially visible than previous ‘older’ generations, and they actively seek stories relevant to them. The main characters in my book are just entering the Boomer age group, but Boomers can relate to their marriage break-ups, relationships with adult children and elderly parents, and the changes that life brings at that age.

3. How do we find Boomer Lit books?


Although there is no category for Boomer Lit on Amazon, most stories will be under Women’s Fiction, or you can simply search the phrase ‘Boomer Lit’. Your local bookstore should also be able to show you their books that meet the Boomer Lit criteria.

4. All of your novels are set in Australia, flavoured with foreign characters or backstory, but why did you choose Brisbane for your first Women’s Fiction?

I grew up in Brisbane and love the city I called home for many years and still visit whenever I can. Although I lived in Sherwood, New Farm has particular appeal for me. As a sixteen-year-old eager to get my stories “out there”, I met a writer who lived in a unit in a three-story building in New Farm and she invited me to lunch. The day is still so vivid in my memory that I used that building in Murder, Mayhem & Men On Pause. A couple of my thriller novels are set in Brisbane, but this women’s fiction just had to be set there. I could “see” every building, every tree, feel the chill that on-coming winter brings to people used to many months of heat. I loved writing it.

I recently had a reader tell me “you must have got inside my head – that’s exactly how I felt” when she read character Ellie’s thoughts about her marriage. I loved giving voice to these women in their late 40s-early 50s and tackling topics most books shy away from.

Sandy Curtis entertains the crowd at her book launch with the tales behind her latest Women’s Fiction novel.



So the next time it’s someone’s birthday whose date puts them around the Baby Boomer generation, you might have luck giving them a book from the Boomer Lit genre.


Murder, Mayhem & Men On Pause is available now in print and e-book from


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