A day in the life of a work-from-home mum

Most days I wonder where my time went. With only three days a week to get stuck into things I have learned to prioritise. So here’s a little peek inside one of my work days when my daughter is at school and my son is in daycare.

Kris Sheather School
Today with my ‘Blue Butterflies’ at the school we read about big things. We sounded out words and wrote the missing letter in the word activity.
Coffee Kris Sheather
Then back home for coffee x 3
Research Kris Sheather
Researching Scholastic books
Cover Design Kris Sheather
Spoiler Alert! The new book cover design for a new women’s fiction novel by Sandy Curtis
CYA Kris Sheather
Registered for the CYA Conference
Hexagonal connections
Emails, emails, spam, emails
Edit and research Kris Sheather
Story editing and research on chapter books
Design Kris Sheather
Graphic design work
Dinner Kris Sheather
Cooking dinner, of course
Dinosaur Kris Sheather
Very important dinosaur work with my daughter before bed


And of course there’s the stuff inbetween. Like replacing toilet paper rolls, watering my near-death tomato and capsicum plants and checking Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. And filling out every single fund-raising raffle ticket in the book that came home with my son from daycare because they were due back today and I didn’t get time to sell them to family or friends.

And tomorrow? I’ll be updating my account keeping program (it’s called Wave and it’s free and I love it!), more fiction editing, promotion work for an Ormiston Press author, doing that vacuuming I put off and if I’m lucky I’ll start on some illustrations I’ve been wanting to work on.

I don’t push myself because have to, it’s because I need to. I need to be creative. I need to be doing something for myself that gives me purpose and a sense of being that is more than just a kid-wrangler.

I’d love to hear from other mums and what they ‘need’ to do to feel fulfilled as a woman outside of motherhood.


  1. Kris, you honestly inspire me. That’s why I started to follow you. As a female graphic designer and aspiring writer, I am always so worried about my life when children do come. I do want children, yet I cannot see myself ever shaking off my adventurous nature, nor the accomplishment of a completed job or piece.

    Thank you so much for showing that it is possible to have the best of both, and in a professional form! And speaking of such, how do you prioritize so efficiently? It’s astonishing.

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    • Oh, Jaclyn, thank you so much for your frankness. I can admit that I only appear to be efficient because I compromise and accept the consequences. The truth is, women can’t have it all, at least not when their children are little, because they really do need a constant parent in their life. However, my husband understands that I would be miserable if all I did was clean house and cook so when he comes home from work to egg and bacon for dinner he never complains. I may compromise on housework and let the laundry pile up, but I will always take my kids to bed, read to them, and cuddle them until they fall asleep. I will always answer their questions, even it means a 30 minute discussion on the evolution of cats, lol.

      Don’t ever fear that you might put your children second to your needs because you won’t. Motherhood will show you just how deep you can love and you will naturally adapt to a new way of life as your mother-hen gene switches on. And you will change as a designer too. The way I looked at colour changed after I had my first. Really strange yet very true.

      I also follow your blog šŸ™‚ and now that you’ve shared such a personal insight I am so looking forward to following your blog for years to come!!

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      • Thank you for your insights, Kris! It’s great to hear such wonderful advice from someone with similar interests and struggles, and certainly valuable experiences where I have yet to go. I’m quite glad I found you! šŸ™‚

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