My ocean, my photographs

I took my son for a walk in the stroller along the cliff top at Turtle Cove (when I say ‘cliff’ it’s really just a high slope) and was awed by the ocean. It’s always beautiful there, regardless of time of day or season, but the sharp morning sun illuminated each rolling wave before it crashed in a creamy froth. The iridescence, the colours, and the purity inspired me to break out the Nikon.

I would never proclaim to be a great photographer but from my time spent trying to catch the perfect swell of colour I’m happy with the two I share below.

There are some truly brilliant photographers out there. From National Geographic I follow conservationist Paul Nicklen on Instagram, and I do admire the beauty of Peter Lik’s work, but not the price tag.

This is a link to a short, interesting article about Sartore and Nichols, two National Geographic photographers, talking about their work, what they go through, and the impact their photographs make.

Turtle Cove Ocean mockup


Although I soaked my clothes with sweat as I perched on the black, basalt rocks, once magma spewed from a volcano millions of years ago, I will go back. No wave is ever the same and I want another opportunity to capture that uniqueness and share it with others. Because where I live is magical.

Turtle Cove Boat - Kris Sheather
Same location, different day

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