A letter to Guatemala

It’s been ten years since we chose to sponsor a child through World Vision.

When selecting a sponsor child you could search on their age, gender and location. You could also see who had been on the waiting list the longest – this is how we chose our sponsor child, Dorcas from Guatemala.

Dorcas, now 17

Every month we made a donation which helped her community with health care, education, farming supplies and infrastructure.

Through out the year we would be sent, by World Vision, a small gift like a calandar or notebook, or Christmas card that we then wrote our wishes in and sent back to World Vision. They would then forward this on to our sponsor child. I always wrote the same boring stuff. Like, the weather here has been rainy, or, we got a new hen today.

Our sponsor child is now 17. I decided to write something different. Something my own 17 year old self might have preferred to read.


As a writer I thought it appropriate. As a woman, even more so. Education is the most powerful tool the impoverished have. The adult literacy rate of Gautemala is only 75% and their life expectancy is TEN YEARS less the average Australians.

Receiving her community reports, her hand drawn pictures and her letters as she learned to write have been a joy over the years. I can only hope that I continue to stay in contact with Dorcas to discover if she becomes the Teacher she wants to be.

There are many children, living in poor, suffering communities around the world waiting for support. Have a look at World Vision and see if you can help in any way.


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