Wowsers, I’m an Award Winner

My advice to any aspiring artist is to enter your work into festivals, displays and competitions. My desire to make a career from art has increased, and with confidence, after winning the Digital Art category at the Bundaberg Arts Festival.

I had no expectations. I entered the festival to feel a part of the arts community and to take myself seriously as an artist.

I had no plans to attend the opening night where the awards are presented. Sure, I wanted to go to feast my soul on the amazing art on display but I have small kids, and it started late, like 7pm (yup, I’m a sleep-deprived parent). I was going to go on Sunday after the washing was done and I’d had at least one coffee.

But a phone call came during the day. Someone told my husband I had to be there – that night! But they didn’t say why….

After dropping off the kids at the Grandparents we arrived late. With no seats left we stood at the back and applauded the winners as they were called out and took to the front for their official photos. My name wasn’t called. Why was I meant to be there?

After swanning around the sculptures and canvases of delight, intrigue and awe, I found one of my works. It had a winner certificate stuck to it. Yippee! Running late had meant I’d just missed out on hearing my name called.

Thank you Bundaberg Arts Festival.

Thank you supportive husband and family.

Thank you creative passion for forgiving me for leaving you for so long while I worked in a job that paid the bills. But I am back and I’m not going anywhere!

Screen Shot 2016-03-06 at 3.22.51 pm
‘Blue Ice’


  1. Congratulations! Your piece looks terrific, and it’s inspirational to see other artists get awards. So many fun opportunities.

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