Multi-purpose Jenga

Home alone with a toddler requires ideas, coffee and genuine interest if want to enjoy the time together. Playschool only goes for 27 minutes and 7 seconds, so here are some different ideas to spend your time using the one play thing – Jenga blocks.



As long you didn’t name your kid Rybekkah’starblaze, using the blocks to spell your child’s name can be fun and not too time intenstive (you know, because their attention span dwindles fast).

I wrote my childs name down first so they could see it, and we worked off the ‘plan’ together.

Roads & Race Tracks


Unless you’re building every city street in your town, one box of Jenga blocks is enough to create an interesting road map.



What child doesn’t love knocking stuff over? Placing the dominos is great for their fine motor skills development and pushing them over is great for giggles!

Walls and Baricades


After building our wall together we had great fun hiding toys, throwing toys back and forth over the wall, and finally – knocking it over, again.

Wobbly Towers


The regular game playing Jenga tower is too stable. So we took turns at trying to build the wobblyest, tallest, most crazy towers we could. And yes, it got knocked over.

Village (zoo?)


It started off as a zoo but turned into a little town with animals having their own homes and cars.

The Box


And of course the box was great fun to play-and-seek with his toys, and refule his toy gar at the service station.

If you have any other ideas for Jenga blocks I’d love to hear about them?



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