Old magnets for kids art

Businesses hand out a lot of promotional fridge magnets these days and I just don’t need all of them. So rather than tossing them in the rubbish they can be used for your children’s art. And it’s something your child can do on their own, again and again and again!


1. Take a magnet and cut it into four

2. Paste glue onto a magnet portion

3. Press it down onto the back corner of the drawing

4. Repeat for all four corners and allow to dry

IMG_1099IMG_1100I love this for a few reasons.

  • It stops my daughter from putting sticky tape or blue tak on my walls
  • It’s an activity that a 4yo can do without help (go start dinner!)
  • It’s a confidence booster for my chid (she’s doing something by herself and her artwork is appreciated)

A big thanks to Aunty Cherie for sharing this with me!

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